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Collaborative law is a means of resolving outstanding family law issues without the stress and bad feelings that often occur in a divorce. It can also reduce legal costs and shorten the process, compared to a traditional adversarial divorce.

Many people who find themselves at the brink of a family law issue or divorce think twice before entering the fray because they realize how lengthy, expensive and damaging a lawsuit can become. In a collaborative law process, the parties and their attorneys work together to identify areas of agreement and disagreement. They then work to develop mutually acceptable solutions for those areas where they disagree.

Attorney DiLibero uses collaborative law to help clients through many family related disputes as well as the divorce process. He assists in developing workable solutions in the areas estate and probate issues and of child custody, child visitation, property division, and other aspects of divorce.

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Collaborative law is a highly effective means of resolving family law disputes amicably and without going to court.

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